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Our planet, Our Future

Zero Dust, The Eco-friendly certified go green series.

No More Worries of Fine Dust after Outing as the Patented technology to remover heavy metals such as lead, cadmium etc.

Why should we avoid fine dust and heavy metals?

Small fine dust can block the pored of skin of the baby, causing skin irritation and respiratory irritation remaining in clothes or aggravating atopic dermatitis.

Neutral Laundry Detergent

Two scents, Secentless and Soap Scent for newborn to adult

K-Mom Zero Dust detergent with no pigments/enzymes. Containing Ultrapure purified water (RPP Water), natural plant based ingredients for safety on baby’s skin and food grade baking soda with perfect washing power & sterilization effect!

Fabric Softener

Superior flexibility and organic acid content maintains the soft touch without static electricity.

No harmful allergen including component, containing glycerin and protect fragile baby’ skin (hypoallergenic) & smooth and soft long lasting scent!

Easy & Strong Stain Remover

Tough On Stain, Gentle On Fabrics

With minimal fiber damage and safe plant-based formulation to remove the toughest stain on fabric without any skin irritation.

Smooth but Strong Multipurpose Detergent

A Clean Slate for All Surfaces

Easy multi-cleaning at once from kitchen to bathroom even oven, stove, baby’s toys, bath tub, kitchen’s stain, old stain etc.
Refreshing fruity floral scent, without irritating smell!

Harmful Substances Free Bottle Cleanser

One component detergent for babies with weak immunity

Safe one component detergent, not only infant dishes but also fruits and vegetables. Super B moisturizing power doesn’t dry up mommy’s hands!

Foaming Baby Hand Soap

Clean From Germs & Protect Sensitive Skin Baby!

Smooth and abundant bubbles make kids like to wash hands more frequent! Added Orange Oil that can antibacterial and antifungal properties of this oil are moisture and great for skin!

K-MOM Zero Dust Home Care


Gentle formula with plant-derived natural cleansing agents.