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We focused on the ingredients, fabrics, and materials because they contact the baby’s skin for the first time, and the concern about cleanliness created non-pop up technology.

Natural Pureness Baby Wet Wipes

Only mild ingredients & natural ingredients for baby

Containing 99.7% ultra-purified water, and underwent 6 stages of purification process, pure plant-based ingredients that are good for sensitive baby skin and registered as type 1 medical device device by U.S. FDA (Global Certified).

First Wet Wipes Series

Certified by German-based DERMATEST

This series received the “excellent” grade (the highest grade), which means “no skin irritation was observed” in the human experiment by German skin science lab.

USDA Certified seed oil added

The pure oil extracted from the seeds to soothing and moisturizing for baby skin.

K-MOM Wet Wipes

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