K-MOM Kids Toothbrush (Step 1)


  • Suitable for between 12-36Months Old
  • Soft, thin bristle for healthy primary teeth maintenance to minimize damage to gums
  • Produced by companies certified by ISO standards.
  • Extremely comfortable grip. Designed for babies and children of the first experience with a toothbrush.
This item: K-MOM Kids Toothbrush (Step 1)
1 × K-MOM Baby Toothpaste

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Babies and children’s first toothbrushes

Every mom is very careful when choosing her first toothbrush.
Thinking about proper care for the first tooth? Mother-K has a solution!
Toothbrushes that meet the needs of the child’s teeth at each stage of their development.
Two-step customized oral care solutions from Mother K.