K-MOM Zero Dust Hand Sanitizer 100ml


Must have in daily use, because it is easy to carry and disinfect by spraying a mist.
Safe use even for baby products.
Effective disinfection with high alcohol concentration.


Spray that allows you to spray anything
or any place you want, such as hands and baby toys, it allows you to easily disinfect.

You can sterilize your hands at any time and sanitize them without water, so disinfect your baby‘s toys and things regularly.

As it contains 83% grain alcohol, you can use it safely!
K-MOM Hand Sanitizer is non-denatured alcohol, that is derived from fermenting sugars and yeast contained by grains and is used as an ingredient for food.

You can safely use it on your baby’s hands and things without being concerned about skin irritation caused by alcohol.

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