K-MOM Baby Toothpaste


  • Safe for young children who do not spit a surplus of paste (babies and grown-up babies.)
  • Organic extracts certified by USDA, Calendula extract.
  • The unique squeezing of the paste is adapted for children
  • Natural Strawberry Flavor, 30gram.

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Is your oral care safe to swallow?

Yes, we do not use Fluoride in non-fluoride (strawberry flavor).

Is your oral care taste sweet?

It is great tasting, but yet free from sugar!
Your little ones will learn oral hygiene through great enjoyment!

Is your oral care range free from harsh chemicals?

Yes, we only use safe, natural and organic ingredients in the formulation.
We do not use Paraben, SLS, SLES, Fluoride, Glycerin, Artificial Coloring or any other harsh chemicals.