Mother-K Storage Bag Set (Food + Powdered + Disposable Milk) [Bundle]


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This item: Mother-K Storage Bag Set (Food + Powdered + Disposable Milk) [Bundle]

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1 × K-Mom Moisture Lotion 225ml

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Mother-K Food Strorage Bag
-Unique concept of bringing food out for your baby.
-Designed to funnel food into the centre of each bag ? be it porridge or purees- for easy feeding.
-Light, easy and convenient enough to use.
-Self – standing for easy storing/filling
-Wide opening pocket design for easy feeding,
-Wide design makes holding comfortable & firm while feeding, volume markings, date indication and anti-bacterial
-Can withstand cold temperature of -20?C & up to hot temperature of 80?C
-Great for storing porridge, purees, biscuits & all other types of baby food products
-Microwavable for up to 40 seconds & temperature not exceeding 80?C
-Able to add in warm water into the bag directly, temperature not exceeding 80?C
-Using safe & anti-bacterial material tested by SGS Korea Co., Ltd.
-Each bag holds up to 200ml

Mother-K Powdered Milk Storage Bag
-Easy to cut with the cutting guide line safe zipper
-Lightweight material for convenience when going out
-Correct date marking
-Antistatic -transparent window to check the formula inside -optimized shape for pouring in a baby’s bottle

Mother-K Disposable DUAL Feeding Bottle Storage Zipper
-BPA Free milkbags in the milk storage clean bottle every time and disposable for easy cleanup quick and simple assembly.
– 0% BPA FREE Safe Material
– Easy to store 1 time feeding amount of Breastmilk (or Colostrum)
– Disposable baby milk storage bag
– For both Breastmilk and Colostrum
– Temperature Indicator available
– Convenience