MOTHER-K ECO Zipper Bag Basic


  • Using biodegradable material, you can now use these zipper bag with a greater peace of mind, without having to worry about plastic consumption.
  • FDA/KFDA approved material, the zipper bag are safe even for food & snacks.
  • High quality allows bags to be reused for several times without showing signs of breakages.
  • Resealable & reusable.
  • S (15×15) 20pcs, M (20×23) 20pcs, L (27×24) 15pcs

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This item: MOTHER-K ECO Zipper Bag Basic

20 in stock

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[Mother K] Eco Baby Zipper Bag

A good baby zipper bag that considers the future of our child

It is made of renewable resource’Sugar Cane Bio-Pe’,

The two-line zipper and thick fabric allow you to safely store baby items.

8x9x6cm Basic 433.8g55sheets

See color detail page

Material Polyethylene (LDPE+LLDPE)

Use age or weight range All ages available

Manufacturer Samsung Chemical Co., Ltd.

Country of origin Korea

Precautions for handling

1. If it comes into contact with a child’s mouth, there is a risk of an accident, so never touch it.

2. Keep out of reach of children

3. In case of containing liquid products, do not put them directly as there is a risk of water leakage. 4. Do not place in an environment above 40℃ as the pattern may be discolored or the product may be deformed.

5. Do not use in microwave

6. Do not use for any purpose other than the original purpose

7. Dispose of used packs safely out of reach of children.

8. This product is not a plastic bag for vacuum packaging, so air may enter the inside.