MOTHER-K DIA Toy Cleaner 500ml


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Do you know there are the most germ on the toy babies play with every day?
Disinfection and ingredient are the most important for baby items, such as toys, chairs, and teaching tools difficult to clean with the water, because most of them often touch a baby’s hand and mouth.

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This item: MOTHER-K DIA Toy Cleaner 500ml

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Mother-K DIA Toy Cleanser 500ML

Fermented grain alcohol with excellent disinfection effect-made of ethyl alcohol from the fermented grains such as rice, barley, and corn, it is a cleaner exclusive for children’s products recognized for its excellent sterilizing power.
Two dispensers designed with usability in mind- It is dispenser that can used in both stream-type and spray-type, and can be adjusted to suit the position to be used.
Ultra-simple cleaning Just Spray DIA Toy cleaner on the contaminated area and wipe that area with a dry towel for cleaning.

Product Feature:
-Vegetable Fermented Grain Alcohol
-Lemon Verbena Flavor (Food Grade)
-EWG Verified Green Base Ingredients
-Naturally Derived Cleansing Ingredient