MOTHER-K Breastfeeding Tissue 40pcs


Breastfeeding tissue uses 100% purified water without alcohol and any fragrance.

Perfect to use on Sensitive Skin for mother and baby with Oekotex Standard 100.

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This item: MOTHER-K Breastfeeding Tissue 40pcs

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MOTHER-K Breastfeeding Tissue is individually packed (2 pieces in 1 pack), 100% purified water, and 100% cotton material. Contained in a sterilized package. Made from only 100% water, the best wipes to clean your breasts after breastfeeding or pumping. Perfect to wipe dirt from baby’s mouth and hands.


Only 100% Purified Water Used
Mother-K Breastfeeding tissues is made up of only 100% purified water without any additives, so you can use it with confidence for both mother and baby.

100% Clean Cotton with Acquired International Textile Certification
100% clean cotton fabric that meets the standard of the strictest conditions of European International Textile Certification (OEKO TEX Standard 100) can be used softly on sensitive mother and baby’s skin.

Hygienic use with sterile aluminum packaging
Aluminum packing material which has an excellent effect to prevent bacterial penetration and moisture evaporation can be used safely in hygienic conditions through the sterilization process.

2 Pieces of Individual packing
When used once, two pieces of suitable tissue are packed individually, and is always hygienic. It is easy to carry and handle, so it has high utilization and portability.

Sawtooth V-Cut
The sawtooth V-Shaped cut opening line makes it easy to use for childcare and convenient to use.