MOTHER-K Bamboo Breastpad 32pcs


Disposable Nursing Pads, Superior Absorbency and Breathability with Bamboo Fabric, Leak Protection, Passing Dermatest for safe

The softness of typical bamboo fabric and natural ingredients.

  • Excellent absorption power and Eco-friendly cover
  • Light wearing as feathers with Ultra power absorption
  • Bamboo cotton breast pads are different from the general non woven material due to their shiny lustre and texture. Bamboo material also gives a silky soft feel to touch.
  • Smooth feel, breathable material
  • Deodorant Effect! No worries about odor
  • PASSING DERMATEST: -Allergic Toxicity Test in Germany Using a polymer absorber that has passed dermatest, it absorbs breast milk faster and more strongly.

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