K-Mom Zero Dust Set (Detergent Zero soap + Bottle Cleanser + Bath Tub) [Bundle]


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K-Mom Zero Dust Laundry Detergent Soap
-Eco-friendly certification- Environmentally Certified Environmentally Friendly Detergent.
-Patented technology to remove heavy metals- Removal of heavy metals in fine dust.
-No Residue, Purified Ultra-pure Water- Five stage filter.
-Naturally derived vegetable safe ingredient- Hypoallergenic to baby skin

K-Mom Zero Dust Bottle Cleanser
– Acquired eco-friendly certificate from Ministry of Environment
– Verified the stringent quality and environmental performance of the Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute
– Certified as a detergent that reduces the generation of harmful substances in product packaging
– Excellent environmental performance of the container production process and recycling of attached label
– Ultrapure purified water RPP water, it’s a special five-stage filter refined from the basics
– Sanitary Pipe Process, it’s more safety due to no exposure from external environment
– Strictly proven hygiene management, quality and environmental management system ISO official certification

K-Mom Zero Dust Bath Tub & Multipurpose Detergent
-Can be used from bathroom to kitchen
-Contains mild alkaline ingredient just for your babies that can be use to clean baby bath tub to infant toilets
-Can remove kitchen stains and old stains leaving a long lasting fragrance.
-Minimizes respiratory tract infection.
-Remove water marks/scale completely!

Made in Korea.