K-Mom white label Diaper & Wet Wipes Set (Size XL + P70x5) [Bundle]


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This item: K-Mom white label Diaper & Wet Wipes Set (Size XL + P70x5) [Bundle]

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K-Mom White Label Diaper
-4 steps absorption system.
-Extremely convenient and comfortable for babies
-Elastic waist belt.
-Comfortably fitting.
-Wide liquid absorbing pad designed to reach till baby’s waist.
-Fast to conduct and with air circulation through 3D Embo holes.
-Flawless air circulation helps to dry urine more quickly and reduces direct contact with the skin.
-Gentle and soft material, which remain throughout the carrying time.
-Gentle to vulnerable baby skin.
-Smart urine line for indicating time to change pull-up diaper.
-Help for parents ? the sticker on the back side to immediately separate the front side from the back side.

K-Mom Wet Wipes Promise 70
-Contains 99.8% Ultra-pure Purified Water
-USDA Certified Seed Oil Added & Help soothe and moisturizing baby skin
-Certified by German-Dermatest
-Free From 10 Types of Harmful Chemical
-Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Coloring, Mineral Oil, Triethanolamine, Benzyl Alcohol,
-Chlorine Processing, Sulfate