K-MOM First Wet Wipes All Purposes Surfaces Wipes 40s


Clean variety of items that touched your baby’s mouth and hands, including baby items, toys and dolls
with multi-purpose tissues, you can keep your baby’s item sanitary.

•All green grade ingredients
•Non-pop up system
•Thick embossing fabric
•Remove any dust or pollutants on baby products or toys
•Multi-purpose tissue, high quality premium fabric to wipe off baby products very safely
•Fragrance free

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This item: K-MOM First Wet Wipes All Purposes Surfaces Wipes 40s

10 in stock

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Containing Ethanol, kill bacteria.

Before touching your baby’s hands and mouth, wipe them off again. K-MOM First baby cleaning wipes. For cleaning things that children put in the mouth. Such as toys, utensils and other-this helps to maintain hygiene.

After cleaning children’s toys or things, leave them for a few seconds to dry, so that the components of the active substance dry.

The main component is ethanol.

The USDA has been certified for various vegetable seed oil extracts.

Only one napkin pulls.

Undergo dermatological safety certified tests in the German laboratory.

Sanitary manufacturing process sanitary and safe manufacturing process with advanced equipment. Korean product all manufacturing processes are safely carried out in South Korea. “Did you know that K-MOM’s wet wipes are certified and tested in Germany?” K-MOM wipes evaluated “excellent” on a qualitative scale, which means “no skin irritation” in the subjects group according to the results and conclusions of the German Dermatest laboratory. The technology of extracting one napkin is a special folding technology, which allows you to remove only one napkin during pulling, protects the remaining napkins from the bacteria from entering the packaging, and saves their use without pulling more than one. Constant maintenance and control of the product. Regular OATC tests are performed to ensure the quality of wet wigs. Performed skin irritation tests (INTERTEK). The results of this test are negative.