K-MOM Dual Story Diaper Pull Up Pants 2XL (15kg+) 30pcs


Type: Pull-up diapers.
Size: 2XL.
Baby’s weight: From 15 kg.
In the package: 30 pcs.
For agile babies, who are starting to walk. Two different designs in one package!

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This item: K-MOM Dual Story Diaper Pull Up Pants 2XL (15kg+) 30pcs

12 in stock

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K-Mom Dual Story Pull Up Diaper

-Soft Surface ; Protect baby skin with Soft non-woven fabric

-Power Sap ultra-absorption ; Powder sap on the front That makes skin mattify after urination

-Excellent 3D EMBO Air Hole ; With excellent embossing cover, it reduces touching area and help air to flow better

-Smart urination notice line ; With urination notice line, it helps mom and dad to perceive the right replacing time

-Waistband with good elasticity ; High elastic band that stretched well, Which helps to wear diaper once

-Soft magic tape that tear softly ; Helps to replace Diaper soft and easy

-Simple and convenient Blue tape ; Roll the diaper and close it with blue tape after use!