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” As a mother, you’re careful when choosing your baby’s first-ever toothpaste. Am I taking good care of my child’s first teeth?”

MOTHER-K has the answer to suit the needs of your child’s teeth at every stage of their development.

A two-step customized oral care solution

With fluoride-free and low-fluoride options suitable for children’s use, the K-MOM Toothpaste is made from natural ingredients and is safe enough for children to swallow

Oral Care For New Born?

Keeping a good oral hygiene for your baby since birth is essential for your baby’s oral health and future permanent teeth.

Made with Bemliese non-woven fabric from the finest cottonseed thread and contains only 100% ultra-pure purified water, our tooth wipes is individually packaged in for hygiene purpose.

Dental Care Starter Line

Finger Silicone Toothbrush

Made up to 2 types of elastic, soft 100% silicone, which allows to brush without irritation. Both possible to brush and massage.

Baby Toothbrush Set

Reducing baby’s toothbrush rejection, 2 types in one set allows  to practice as grow up. Safety flower cap to prevent choking.

Baby & Kids First Tooth Paste

Fluoride-free & low-fluoride options for children’s able or unable to spilt out.

30g fluoride-free toothpaste perfect for infants & toddlers, safe for unable to spilt out

50g low-fluoride toothpaste for kids who are just learning to brush their teeth on their own who still need some practice perfecting their brushing skills.

Baby & Kids First Toothbrush

2 Steps custom care toothbrush with bristle made to suit the oral structure at various stages of growth.

Step 1: For children from 12-36 months, during primary teeth development. Soft & thin bristle to minimize damage to the gums.

Step 2: For Children from 24 months – 12 years old, when they begin chewing a variety of foods. Soft outer bristle protects the gum & inner elastic bristle remove plaque.

Baby & Kid Oral Care

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⚬ USDA-Certified Oral Care Solution