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Designed to protect your baby's skin with the four-step absorption system, your baby has something gentle to wear every day from day one into the early childhood "K-MOM Diaper is the comfort your baby feels for the first time ever."

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Mother-k Baby Diapers are designed with top-quality sustainable materials.
Soft & snug fit 360º elastic waistband made of polymer spandex for comfortable fit
Easy tear-away sides
Luxurious ultra-soft topsheet
Dual layer core for superior absorbency and dryness. Made with sustainable chlorine-free FSC-certified woodpulp.
Disposal tape for easy disposable purpose
Advanced double leakguard
Ultra-breathable outer layers keep baby comfortable.
Flexible and soft waistband made of polymer spandex ensures a snug fit.
Luxurious, ultra-soft, 3D-embossed topsheet keeps baby’s bottom dry and comfortable.
Dual layer core for superior absorbency and dryness. Made with sustainable chlorine-free FSC-certified woodpulp.
Re-fastenable velcro tabs with no sharp edges keeps baby’s delicate skin free from scratches.
Enhanced double leakguards prevent leakages – no more spills!
Ultra-breathable & stylish outer layers keep baby comfortable while looking adorable.

Secret of absorbency that creates the driest diapers

K-MOM Dual Story Diapers use only the highest quality materials for all covers and absorbent sheets to provide super-softness and breathability, keeping your baby safe from rashes and irritation.

Four-step absorption system

Step 1. Better breathability with compact double-perforated cover

Step 2. Groove absorption channel that instantly captures moisture

Step 3. Power absorption pad designed with the special method for extra comfort

Step 4. No diaper leaks with wide absorption pad and breathable waterproof film


Air Hole Cover


2nd Layer


Groove Absorption Channel


Power Absorption Pad


Air Circulation Waterproof Pad


Air Touch Out Cover


Pure Cotton Texture Air-Touch
Certified By German DermaTest

Breathable Perforated Air Cover

Four Step Absorption System
For Baby’s Soft Skin

DermaTest certified softness

Air-touch fabric with the highest grade of the German DermaTest

Made with the fabric which achieved “EXCELLENT” grade, the highest grade, of the German Demalest, our dapen minimize irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin. Pure cotton texture Air-touch fabric protects your baby’s skin

Groove channel that instantly captures moisture on contact

Groove channel that instantly captures moisture on contact

Groove absorption channel sheet structure instantly disperses moisture on contact, boosting absorbency

Breathable perforated cover

Breathable perforated cover

The compact perforated cover structure helps circulation of the air, releases moisture and heat inside, keeping your baby’s skin clean and healthy

Premium soft magic tape

Minimized initiation on your baby’s skin with softer magic tape

With ultra-power absorption wide and consistent absorbency

No lumping power absorption pad

Double instant absorbing cover and ultra-power absorption pad designed with a special method ensure wide and consistent absorbency for superior comfort

Improved quality through strict process

With quality at our priority, K-Mom Dual Diaper joined hands with global companies to improve the quality of fabrics

K-MOM design Two character designs in one pack

Cute K-Morn character design that facilitates development of the five senses Two designs in one pack makes motherhood ever more joyful

Smart Urine Line Smart wetness indicator

Unine line makes it easy to know when your baby’s diaper needs to be changed Provide your baby the supreme comfort by checking the wetness indicator

Dual Story Diapers

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⚬ Gentle On Skin & Fabrics  ⚬ USDA-Certified