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DIA, a mother’s mind caring for her baby’s skin

The series that made from Natural-derived & EWG Green Verified base ingredients.

Premium Neutral pH Detergent & Fabric Softener

Laundry Detergent

Detergent containing Sodium Bicarbonate and 7types of enzymes from nature that are powerful in various washing situation.


Fabric Softener

Brown Rice Vinegar is to remove residue left on clothes and control the growth of bacteria, cleanly catch odor that may occur when drying indoors.

Free of toxic Chemicals All-fabric Bleach

Made from EWG Green-certified Sodium Percarbonate

It’s an oxygen bleach that mix with water to make foamy oxygen bubbles, which decompose stains, germs and dust on clothes.

Baby Bottle Cleanser & Dishwashing Liquid

Grade 1 safe detergent that can even wash fruits & vegetables.

Refreshing with organic green tea extract from Jeju that is excellent removing grease. Using corn & sugarcane based surfactant that derived from nature, safely use on baby’s daily.

Irritation Test by COREDERM Completed

Stain Remover

Irritation test  completed as part of the skin clinical tests, can use it even with sensitive skin. If combine with DIA All-fabric Bleach can make your fabric even more brighter!

Bath Tub & Bathroom Cleaner

Plant-derived cleaning ingredients certified by the European certification organization ECOCERT. Effectively removes contaminants and can safely use in cleaning bathroom, baby bath tub, toilet bowl etc.

Disinfection Toy Cleaner

Fermented grain alcohol with excellent disinfect effect

Made of ethyl alcohol from the fermented grain such as rice, barley and corn that mainly use for foods, beverages, cosmetics etc.
Suitable to use for toy, dinning table chair, bed, couch, and book





Ingredient free of toxic chemicals